Tamim Victoria 2024-2025 School year classes are Kindergarten – Second Grade

The starting point of all growth in life is connection. From the moment a child is born, the connection to family and community is key to their development. These relationships form a base for the child to build upon as they grow.

Our classroom community, creates a sense of warmth and family. Because every parent who chooses Tamim is family, we aim to be there for all of our family’s needs inside and outside of school.

We believe that every single child is born to make a unique contribution to the world. As educators, we owe it to the world to ensure our students realize their greatest potential.

Our Campus

Adventure Park
The Adventure Park is a place of excitement and exploration. It has a small water creek adorned with flowing streams and stepping stones, complete with a playful faucet for water activities. The park offers amenities such as picnic tables, musical instruments, a chalkboard and a garden, providing endless opportunities for recreation and creativity.

Basha’s Garden
Kids plant, water, and harvest plants based on the season. From seed to harvest, they take home vegetables and herbs, experiencing the joys of gardening and connecting with the natural world. Garden maintenance sponsored by Savage Landscapes.

Program Highlights



Immersion is an instructional approach where the second language serves as the primary medium of classroom instruction. It mirrors the natural process of acquiring native language.



At KTA we engage in reading books and singing songs in Hebrew during lessons and meal times. Dedicated segments of the day are led by native Hebrew speakers, ensuring a complete and enriching immersion experience for both native and non-native speakers of this vibrant language.



In Canada, speaking French opens up opportunities as well as opening up pathways in the brain and expanding a student’s worldview. At KTA we foster French language development through engaging and interactive approaches within a supportive environment. The French language is brought alive through songs, high quality literature, visual supports and language modelling that promote fluency.



KTA is offering a program featuring nutritious, fresh, hand-made lunches and snacks following the Canadian food guide. Meals are crafted without processed or refined ingredients, and are Kosher Pareve. Rest easy knowing your child is well taken care of with delicious and wholesome bites every day. For more information, please visit: https://www.ctots.com/wholesomemeals



KTA is introducing aftercare classes to accommodate parents and provide a more flexible work schedule. Children can begin their day as early as 7:30 am under the supervision of professionals and stay as late as 5 p.m.

If you would like to apply, please go to Forms in the Parent Portal.